The Little-Known Advantage of Working with a Small Tax Firm

Unlike other widely known tax relief companies, Arch Tax is a small boutique firm run by a few tax professionals.

And that’s also our unique advantage.

Because while national and even international tax companies play up their size and reputation, we offer our clients what most big firms can’t:

A dedicated team of qualified experts.

Not Just Another Faceless Tax Relief Company

After a combined 24 years of helping Americans resolve their tax issues, we’ve witnessed many large tax settlement companies overpromise and underdeliver while charging clients thousands of dollars in professional fees.

At Arch Tax, we take a different approach. Instead of investing in large sales teams and television ads, we focus on providing cost-effective solutions tailored to your financial situation.

Most importantly, you’ll work with the same 2-4 people from start to finish. Our licensed tax attorneys and professionals will guide you through all the complexities of your unique tax issue.

So whether you’re missing tax returns or owe the IRS back taxes, you can finally resolve your tax issues while saving $1,000s along the way.

Tax Relief with a Personal Touch

Get personalized support from licensed tax professionals


Chad Dickinson, Esq.

From the first day he joined the Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA) program during law school, Chad has developed a long-standing passion for taxation and tax representation.

Having worked for several large tax companies over the span of 15 years, Chad has come across many people seeking tax help who didn’t have the funds to hire him, and to this day it breaks his heart that he couldn’t be of service. That’s why he decided to start Arch Tax Company – to help taxpayers across the country get the tax relief they need without paying a premium.


Michael McAllister

Meet Michael “Mac” McAllister, the Director of Operations at Arch Tax. Chad and Michael first met in 2011 working for a large tax company in Chicago and have worked on and off together throughout the years.

With a background in financial services, Michael excels in tax preparation for both individual and business tax returns. His customer service and case management skills are unparalleled. Like Chad, Michael has a strong blue-collar approach and is always ready to roll up his sleeves to get results.

Take back control of your life with a single call.