Save yourself from the IRS in 8 hours

If you owe less than $100,000 in tax debt, you might be shocked at how easy it is to resolve your tax account on your own.

"I’m now debt-free and way more confident about my financial situation!"

Carl N.

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Apr 19, 2023

Huge THANK YOU to Bobby and Michael! So appreciate them working with me to get my taxes sorted out this year. Bobby made me feel at ease immediately when we had our initial call as I needed a new CPA to handle my taxes. Michael, the CPA, was wonderful to work with - super kind and patient in answering my questions. I'm glad to have found them!

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Bobby was a great resource and helpful to understand the process. I had tax concerns that I didn't know how to navigate or what direction to go. He was able to research and help take stress off my shoulders. Definitely take the time to talk with Arch Tax about any questions you may have.

With the right guidance, anyone can Avoid IRS Collection Action

If you owe less than $100,000 in tax debt, you might be shocked at how easy it is to resolve your tax account on your own.

This DIY Tax Resolution course provides a step-by-step roadmap that helps you

The most affordable way to resolve your tax case fast

Here’s how our DIY Tax Resolution course is helping everyday.

1-on-1 guidance when you need it.

We’ve included built-in support for the course you can use to get help directly from our team of licensed experts.

No more tax worries.

Follow the same steps we’ve used to help thousands of people take the fear out of dealing with the IRS and resolve their tax debt for good.

Get back $1,000s in fees.

This course gives you access to tax advice from professional experts without having to pay thousands in professional fees.

Get the tools you need to overcome your fear of the IRS

Dealing with the IRS isn’t as complex as you think. We’ll arm you with resources and tools to protect your interests during the resolution process.

200-Page eBook

Your step-by-step guide to resolving IRS cases

This short guide walks you through each step of the tax resolution process. It breaks down the most important tax concepts into simple terms, so you can confidently negotiate with the IRS.

Interactive Professional-Grade Tool

Plug-and-play Tax planning tool

Access the same tool our in-house tax experts use to help clients tax the complexity out of tax resolution. We provide a demo video that shows you how this easy-to-use tool makes resolving your tax debt simple and straightforward.

6 Coaching Modules

6 easy-to-follow course modules

Get help throughout the tax resolution process with narrated courses and slides to visually show you what to do at each step.

Interactive Professional-Grade Tool

Support from Arch Tax’s team of professionals

If you have any questions in the process, this course comes with access to our team that allow you to get help directly from our tax professional consultancy if needed.

Professional Tax Representation

Tax Pro Hand off (Free)

If you decide at any point in the course that you’d like a tax expert to help you resolve your case, you can schedule a consultation with our team to get professional representation before the IRS at a discount.

Why everyday Americans choose Arch Tax

Read what our clients have to say about working with us


He found a resolution that was realistic for me and he made it simple.

“My tax issues stressed me out for a long time. Once Chad came into the picture it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. He found a resolution that was realistic for me and he made it simple. The website makes it easy to submit info. His communication was great, helpful, and timely and I’m super happy to have this all behind me thanks to him.”



Chad helped with my tax issues, he read over the overwhelming about of papers and letters.

“Chad helped with my tax issues, he read over the overwhelming about of papers and letters. He explained what everything meant and took the time to explain what my options were. I would recommend Chad to anyone that feels so overwhelmed and intimidated by Tax debt.”



They make the process easy.

The founders of Arch Tax have worked with me for years on my past un-filed and present annual tax returns and I can’t say thank you enough for both their diligence and high levels of customer service. They make the process easy. As a self employed consultant, this is a complex endeavor for me and a process I don’t think I could navigate without them! Thank you for being the real deal in a world of AI bots and for delivering above and beyond. I can honestly say their service changed my life for the better. Can’t give much higher praise than that.

Chris E


Definitely worth the time to call and ask any Tax questions you may have!

Chad is great to work with. My questions and concerns are answered and addressed promptly and most importantly correctly. I referred my daughter as well and she was very pleased with the service and pleasantly surprised at the cost. Recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks.


Easy Tax Resolution in 4 Weeks

Get the step-by-step roadmap for resolving your IRS collection case all on your own.

Welcome to Do-It-Yourself Tax Resolution!

Module 1 focuses on the information gathering stage of your case. Learn how to gather invaluable information about your IRS account before speaking with a collections representative.

Module 1 Course Materials

Day-1 : Live Class

Module 1 Presentation

Day-2 : Live Class

Module 1: Quiz

Day-3 : Live Class

You will learn to accurately interpret and organize tax transcripts, ensuring you can efficiently extract key financial information. We will cover the different types of transcripts, how to identify crucial data points, and techniques for categorizing and storing these documents for easy reference.

Module 2 Course Materials

Day-1 : Live Class

Module 2 Presentation

Day-2 : Live Class

Module 2: Quiz

Day-3 : Live Class

Did you know that IRS balances expire? This is huge! Learn how to calculate your collection statute expiration dates and receive tips and tricks on how to handle your CSED.

Module 3 Course Materials

Day-1 : Live Class

Module 3 Presentation

Day-2 : Live Class

Module 3: Quiz

Day-3 : Live Class

Learn how to calculate your IRS ability to pay. This Module is crucial for learning to evaluate your own personal financial situation. Once mastered, you will know which IRS resolution to pursue!

Module 4 Course Materials

Day-1 : Live Class

Module 4 Presentation

Day-2 : Live Class

Module 4: Quiz

Day-3 : Live Class

Once you have made it through Module 4 the Ability to Pay Analysis, Module 5 provides a Quick Guide for which resolution you may qualify for.

Module 5 Course Materials

Day-1 : Live Class

Module 5 Presentation

Day-2 : Live Class

Module 5: Quiz

Day-3 : Live Class

Module 6 Course Materials

Day-1 : Live Class

Module 6 Presentation

Day-2 : Live Class

Module 6: Quiz

Day-3 : Live Class

You made it! Congratulations

Chad Dickinson

President, Arch Tax Company

Hi I’m Chad. I’m the creator of this course and have been a licensed attorney since 2008.

I’ve spent the last 15 years representing clients before the IRS learning about the inner workings of the IRS.

After working with several large tax companies, I became frustrated with the industry and wanted to offer help to those who couldn’t afford to hire a tax professional.

That’s why I’ve created this course – to give others the tools they need to resolve their tax issues on their own while saving thousands of dollars in professional fees along the way.

Looking to resolve your tax issues on your own?

This course is contains all the tax resolution techniques and strategies I’ve learned over the past 15 years for resolving tax issues on your own.

In just 8 hours, you’ll pick up the skills and knowledge to:

Finally end your tax worries and save thousands in fees

It only takes 8 hours to learn how to resolve your IRS case. Follow the same steps that have helped 1,000s of people gain peace of mind.



30-Day money back guarantee

Anyone can resolve their tax case on their own

Business Owners

Don’t let taxes jam up your business. Resolve your IRS case quickly and get back on track with your finances.


Help your clients take care of their tax issues without spreading yourself thin. Give them steps they can follow to get tax relief.

Construction Workers

Avoid unnecessary penalties from worker misclassification and find a payment plan that fits your budget.

Real Estate Agents

Figure out how much you need to set aside to pay off your taxes, and how the IRS wants realtors to report commissions.


Stay on top of your taxes and get a pre-built system that makes sure you’ll never miss tax day again.

Independent Contractors

If you’re a 1099 contractor, our financial planning tool makes calculating your self-employment taxes easy.

Sales Professionals

Determine exactly how much of your commission earnings you have to pay to the IRS so you don’t get overtaxed.

Tax Preparers

Use the steps inside this course to help your clients become IRS compliant find which tax relief programs they qualify for.

Truck Drivers

Is the stress of paying off your tax debt becoming too distracting? Get the resolution you need and regain peace of mind while on the road.

Questions about our course

This course is for anyone looking to resolve their tax issues on their own. If you owe less than $100,000 and earn less than $150,000, this course is the perfect course to help you find the right resolution for your situation.

Unlike other DIY services, this course will teach you how to think like the IRS and how to prepare yourself for the questions they are going to ask when you ultimately start working with them. You need to be confident and empowered with information to have a fair call with the IRS. If you don’t, the call can be intimidating and frustrating because you are not prepared, and the IRS has all the leverage when you are speaking with them.

We believe if you spend 20 minutes a day for 2-3 weeks that you will master this course and will develop the confidence and ability required to negotiate a successful resolution submission to the IRS.

 However, we recognize that you may get into this course and realize that you do not have the time or desire to see it through. If that happens, just know that we are here to support you. If you need a helping hand or a safety net, we’ve got your back. An Arch Tax professional is standing by if you decide you would be better served handing your case to a tax professional. We will step in, for a discounted fee, to make sure that your case is successfully resolved.

 If you complete this course and still are not able to determine the appropriate tax resolution for your IRS case, let us know and we will issue you a full refund.

Hiring a licensed tax expert to help you resolve your problem can be effective but often costs thousands of dollars. In our experience, many people don’t need to hire a professional to work with the IRS and can achieve a tax settlement on their own at a fraction of what most tax companies charge.

 This course is designed to help you avoid overpaying for tax relief and relying on others to fix your tax issues for you. It arms you with the same knowledge and tools we use to help our clients, so you can quickly end your tax worries under the guidance of an expert at a cost that fits your budget.

While we’ve designed this course to be simple and straightforward, to our knowledge, the information you’ll discover inside is not commonly known or easily accessible online. In addition, you won’t find other DIY programs that provide 1-on-1 coaching with professional tax experts.

We created this course to save you the time and money it would take to navigate the tax code on your own and figure out which steps you need to take to achieve the right tax resolution for you.

Our comprehensive DIY Program provides you with only the most essential tools that you need to resolve your IRS tax issues on your own, including

  • How to access your IRS information without having to wait on hold with the IRS for hours on end.
  • How to avoid dealing with the collections department to obtain your information. Doing so prevents deadlines and escalations in the collections process. 
  • How to organize and interpret the information that you obtain from the IRS. 
  • How to conduct your own financial analysis so that you can determine which IRS program you qualify for. These programs include: several types of installment agreements, IRS Non-Collectible Status, and IRS Offer in Compromises. 
Although you could technically learn all of this by yourself, this will likely prolong your tax problems. Our course shows you exactly what you need to do to win with the IRS, so you can end your tax troubles as quickly as possible.



365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that if you take our course, you will walk away with all the tools and knowledge that you need to resolve your tax issue on your own.

That said, if you don’t get a tax resolution after completing the course, contact us and we’ll issue you a full refund right away.

Take back control of your life in 4 weeks.