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Do You Know the Biggest Cause of Unresolved Tax Problems?

Every year, millions of tax issues go unresolved for one reason – lack of control.

Even though the same resources are available to every US taxpayer, most Americans aren’t sure which steps they should take to deal with their particular tax problem.

Willpower and blindly calling the IRS aren’t enough to get rid of tax troubles. And not doing anything only makes the situation worse.

That’s where we come in.

With 24 years of combined professional tax experience, our team of licensed professionals will personally guide you through each step of the tax resolution process, from start to finish.

So you can finally take back control of your life.

Find the Right Solution for Your Tax Needs

24 Years

Based on 24 years of providing tax relief

Preparing Unfiled Tax Returns

Missing returns? We’ll help you prepare and file your tax returns for previous years.

IRS Negotiations

You don’t have to speak with the IRS on your own. Our team of tax professionals will go to bat for you and keep you protected.

DIY Tax Resolution

Use our proven system to resolve your tax balance on your own while saving $1,000s in professional fees.

Which IRS Program Matches Your Situation?

How we’ve helped everyday Americans like you find the right tax resolution program.

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Tax Relief with a Personal Touch

Get personalized support from licensed tax professionals


Chad Dickinson, Esq.

From the first day he joined the Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA) program during law school, Chad has developed a long-standing passion for taxation and tax representation.

Having worked for several large tax companies over the span of 15 years, Chad has come across many people seeking tax help who didn’t have the funds to hire him, and to this day it breaks his heart that he couldn’t be of service. That’s why he decided to start Arch Tax Company – to help taxpayers across the country get the tax relief they need without paying a premium.


Michael McAllister

Meet Michael “Mac” McAllister, the Director of Operations at Arch Tax. Chad and Michael first met in 2011 working for a large tax company in Chicago and have worked on and off together throughout the years.

With a background in financial services, Michael excels in tax preparation for both individual and business tax returns. His customer service and case management skills are unparalleled. Like Chad, Michael has a strong blue-collar approach and is always ready to roll up his sleeves to get results.

Looking to resolve your tax issues on your own?

Not every tax issue needs to be dealt with by a licensed tax professional. In fact, many everyday Americans can resolve their tax problems all on their own. The trouble is knowing which steps to take to go from diagnosing your IRS account to submitting a proposal.

We created this course to give taxpayers like you a step-by-step roadmap for resolving your IRS collection case completely by yourself.

This arms you with the same information and tools we use to help clients tackle their tax issues while saving thousands of dollars in professional fees. For example, you’ll learn:

Why These Taxpayers Trust Arch Tax

“My tax issues stressed me out for a long time. Once Chad came into the picture it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. He found a resolution that was realistic for me and he made it simple. The website makes it easy to submit info. His communication was great, helpful, and timely and I’m super happy to have this all behind me thanks to him.”


Huge THANK YOU to Bobby and Michael! So appreciate them working with me to get my taxes sorted out this year. Bobby made me feel at ease immediately when we had our initial call as I needed a new CPA to handle my taxes. Michael, the CPA, was wonderful to work with – super kind and patient in answering my questions. I’m glad to have found them!

stephanie j

The founders of Arch Tax have worked with me for years on my past un-filed and present annual tax returns and I can’t say thank you enough for both their diligence and high levels of customer service. They make the process easy. As a self employed consultant, this is a complex endeavor for me and a process I don’t think I could navigate without them! Thank you for being the real deal in a world of AI bots and for delivering above and beyond. I can honestly say their service changed my life for the better. Can’t give much higher praise than that.

Chris E

“Chad helped with my tax issues, he read over the overwhelming about of papers and letters. He explained what everything meant and took the time to explain what my options were. I would recommend Chad to anyone that feels so overwhelmed and intimidated by Tax debt.”


Bobby was a great resource and helpful to understand the process. I had tax concerns that I didn’t know how to navigate or what direction to go. He was able to research and help take stress off my shoulders. Definitely take the time to talk with Arch Tax about any questions you may have.

May Burk

Chad is great to work with. My questions and concerns are answered and addressed promptly and most importantly correctly. I referred my daughter as well and she was very pleased with the service and pleasantly surprised at the cost. Recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We wish every one of our clients could resolve their tax issue instantly. Unfortunately, each case is different and we can’t guarantee that you’ll achieve a specific tax resolution.

What we can guarantee is that our team will help you through each step of the process to make sure your tax issue gets resolved for good. If for whatever reason we’re unable to find a solution for your tax problems, we’ll give you your money back.

Take back control of your life with a single call.